About us

A story about a family

Tradition Pierre is a story about a family centered around enameled lava stone.

Tradition Pierre was born out of love and expertise for this type of matter. Made up of a passionate team (an enameller colorist, master enameller, craftsman, etc.) we wish to bring awareness and share this fabulous high-end product; originating from our volcanos in Auvergne, an ancient and natural stone rejuvenated by its modern enameling.

Today, we have an almost unlimited amount of possibilities for the creation and use of volcanic stone because it holds potential that other types of stone do not. It is resistant, imperishable, fireproof and above all extremely adaptable. Its enameling is gifted with the same qualities in addition to being sanitary and resistant to numerous UV ray colors, is of high quality and created with enamel from Limoges; renowned French products and without lead.

We work in numerous fields such as decoration, real estate, interior design (bathrooms, kitchens, relaxation areas) and many others! For us, your imagination is limitless!

Projects have already taken us to different places such as, Paris, St Tropez, Sydney, Dubai, Martinique, Switzerland, Belgium … etc. It is with pleasure that we move to meet new cultures, new knowledge, new adventures for new projects! This is Tradition Pierre.

A small team of passionate, motivated people and we hope to have inspired you to work with us.

We are looking forward to be hearing from you

Enameled lava stone

The story

Today the belt of Volcanos in Auvergne comprises of more than 80 inactive volcanos.

Thousands of years ago during eruption, the lava flow filled our valleys, the most known being the Volvic Valley. It was Guettard, the Parisian naturalist that was the first to recognize the volcanic nature of Volvic stone in 1752.

Its evolution

Yet, much earlier in the XII century, monks opened the underground quarries beneath this lava flow. A portion of the stone was extracted and used in 1248 for the construction of the Clermont-Fd, a Gothic art masterpiece that has never needed restoration. History also teaches us that the first attempt in enameling this volcanic stone dates back to 1827. Today, the stone is extracted in open-air quarries, cut, sculpted, carved and enameled.

Its characteristics

Lava stone, ancient and natural, is aesthetically attractive, pleasant to look at and to touch. It is also characterized by its unique qualities:

  • Resistant
  • Imperishable
  • Fireproof
  • Adaptable (we can work with pieces measuring up to 3m in length x 1.6m in width)

Its use

The enamel used to dress the “colored’ stone possess the same properties as the lava stone itself, but is also

  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Very sanitary
  • And offers a large selection of color (RAL or customized colors)


Its signature

The manufacture of an enamelled lava piece guarantees a unique signature: Natural raw material, artisanal production, customized creation.

Lava stone and Tradition Pierre
We produce 100 % French-made products.
The lava stone is extracted from our beautiful region of Auvergne. We only work with quality enamel coming from Limoges (87) and our workshop is located at Lempdes, next to Clermont-Ferrand.

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Customized French crea- tions

Tradition Pierre works with each piece in its workshop in Auvergne. An expertise dating back several centuries that is implemented into each one of our projects.



All starts from a sketch, a plan, a project to be accomplished. The journey continues in one of our volcano’s quarries, where the stone is thus chosen in order to furnish the ideal raw material.



Once in our workshop, the stone is shaped, sculpted. The thickness and size are as requested, ranging from simple forms to more complex, the stone is modeled until the completion of the desired piece.



The artisanal methods used allow for special treatment to be given to each piece, giving birth to work with highly finessed finishes.



Finally, the stone is dressed in its enamel. Meticulous work, that after many processes, enhances the piece.

Tradition Pierre
in the World

Projects have already taken us to different places such as, Paris, St Tropez, Sydney, Dubai, Martinique, Switzerland, Belgium … etc