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Le Bailli de Suffren

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A story about a family



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Tradition Pierre

Tradition Pierre is a story about a family
centered around enameled lava stone.

Tradition Pierre was born out of love and expertise for this type of matter. Made up of a passionate team (an enameller colorist, master enameller, craftsman, etc.) we wish to bring awareness and share this fabulous high-end product; originating from our volcanos in Auvergne, an ancient and natural stone rejuvenated by its modern enameling. Today, we have an almost unlimited amount of possibilities for the creation and use of volcanic stone because it holds potential that other types of stone do not.

Projects have already taken us to different places such as, Paris, St Tropez, Sydney, Dubai, Martinique, Switzerland, Belgium … etc. It is with pleasure that we move to meet new cultures, new knowledge, new adventures for new projects!

Our last creations

Bathroom washbasin

Combination, raw lava stone and enameled lava stone

Double washbasin

Double washbasin for bathroom in row lava stone

Double washbasin

Double washbasin for bathroom in enameled lava stone

Wall slab

Printed in “chromo” in enameled lava stone

Coffee table

Coffee table in enameled lava stone with custom colors


Customized French creations

Each piece is unique, customized and made by hand for furniture that fits inside your home.